K• Atelier

The Center for Documentary Photography (asbl) and K• Atelier open August 2020 in the Marolles. 
Join us for our premier Before Voguing, August 21 - 6-8pm at 5, Rue des Renards - 1000 Brussels
We are fortunate, Bruegel perfected genre painting here in the Marolles.  His work is well represented in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts near by. For us he was the first to perfect the impulse that drives documentary photography. 
Around the corner from the K• his old house is empty and shuttered so, we feel a certain obligation and some guidance while representing contemporary and vintage photography, standing on these grounds.

Nick Kuskin, the center's director, is a photographer from New York City. He has studied, worked and mentored with highly regarded photographers, printers, and artists including Neil Selkirk and Brigitte Lacombe. He's given more than thirty years to documentary photography, film, fine print production, and commercial photography. His work has appeared in publications, galleries, and museums, including Bozar, the ICA, London, and the New York Times Magazine. He's been a resident of Brussels since 2018.
Photo by Ralph Steiner c. 1927 NYC. Portrait of Mitzi Seidman, photographer.

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